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Jan 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
on "the view." and was in a limo on the way to the airport with cnn when i received a call that was 404 area code, which is atlanta, so i answered that. and it was congressman john lewis. when we finished talking i thought i should check my text messages because i couldn't keep my voice mail clear enough to keep getting messages, and lo and be hold there was a message from the white house saying the president was trying to reach me. so, i called the number, and they wanted to arrange the call. so, -- so interesting, these people in the immediate -- in media, the person who was in the car with me from cnn, pulled out a camcorder. i said, you cannot tape me while i'm talking to the president. so i made her turn it off and put it away. [applause] >> so, he started out by saying, you're a hard person to reach. well, everyone knew i had been with cnn all week. i didn't say that to him, though. [laughter] >> but anyway, he started out saying, you know, i would be called about a position they wanted to offer, and then he said, you know, those issues you have been putting out there are -- w
Jan 24, 2013 11:00pm EST
more wary but never the less, we're reminding every day on cnn n and other networks and journalists from "the washington post . >> talk more i want to get that mentioned in there. we're living in different kind of world. it's hard to define where the threat is because it popping up everywhere. it's like wack a mole. you wack one iraq and you think it get it settles and you're back in afghanistan. and we are in the arab spring and libya and algeria and things are happening that pose real threats particularly at the time when the possibility of the combination of weapons of mass destruction and terrorists can result in attack on american presence whether it's there or here. that is a threat, a grave threat we have to keep reminding the american people that we're only one attack away from a terrorist attack using the weapons of mass destruction potentially the total direction of the major u.s. city. we don't want to have to reengage our thinking and presence and how we use our security forces and diplomacy to address these kinds of things. and post 9-1-1 area. doing it now ahead of tim
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
the stumbling block on the yemenis in particular? >> here is cnn is unstable so it's more political. let me stand back. moe is. other than the 15 to 30 people who may be dangerous, everyone agrees is other people are nothing. even if they thought it didn't just in afghanistan for 12 years they really not dangerous people. they basically not being people. so this series that yemen is unstable, that one of these people get out, republicans in congress would give them. one of the reasons some of these people could be released in the united states congress for a guy around and say their dangerous. don't let him near our children. people instead everyone admits error in the same, the uighurs. congress won't let uighurs into the united states. yemen is unstable. we don't want people in the united states. if you don't take the men, why should we take the name? it's a stepping stone. >> five years ago, when more people cared and kind of percolated through globally and domestically that something is deeply wrong and there is criticism, president bush was releasing prisoners. the questions we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3